slot gacor 777 –┬áSince the 1960s, the island of Bali has gradually developed from a small, quiet island to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This island, nicknamed the Island of the Gods, is famous for its beautiful volcanic panorama, stunning beaches and the friendliness of its people.

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Recommendations for Hit Tourist Attractions on the Island of Bali

Here are some of the hit tourist attractions on the island of Bali that you can visit:

Tirta Gangga, Karangasem

Tirta Gangga was originally a water park complex on the island of Bali which has now developed into a tourism area in Karangasem Regency. The natural charm on offer is indeed beautiful and attractive, including the existence of a water recreation park which is neatly and beautifully arranged. This Bali tourist attraction is open every day, starting from 07.30 – 18.30 WITA with an entrance ticket price per person of around IDR 30,000 for local tourists.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Gianyar

Tegalalang Rice Terrace presents natural views in the form of agricultural land steps, or what is usually called terraces. This tourist spot on the island of Bali, which is a target for tourists, is located in Gianyar Regency. By paying an entrance ticket of around IDR 25,000 per person, you can enjoy the unique view of Bali Island’s rice fields. Tegalalang Rice Terrace is open from 08.00 – 18.00 WITA.

Mount Batur, Kintamani

If you like climbing, then Mount Batur, which is located in Kintamani, Bangli Regency, is a destination you must visit. This mountain offers a very beautiful view of the sunrise. Mount Batur also has an active crater which is interesting to explore. To climb Mount Batur, you have to pay an entrance ticket of around IDR 30,000 per person.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Badung

Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK is a cultural tourist park on the southern island of Bali. You can enjoy the splendor of the statue by I Nyoman Nuarta which is also accompanied by the beauty of the surrounding limestone hills. Not only that, at GWK there is an arts theater which displays various types of Balinese art and dance every day. Interested in visiting there? You need to pay an entrance ticket of around IDR 115,000 per person.

Tegenungan Waterfall, Gianyar

Tegenungan Waterfall is a natural tourist destination located in Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency. Tegenungan Waterfall has a height of around 15 meters and is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. To enjoy the beauty of this waterfall, you will be charged an entrance ticket of around IDR 20,000 per person. Tegenungan Waterfall is open every day from 06.30 – 18.30 WITA.

Lempuyang Temple Penitentiary, Karangasem

Penataran Agung Lempuyang Temple is one of the holy Hindu temples in Bali, located in Lempuyang Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency. This temple is famous for its temple gate which offers stunning sunset views from a height of around 1,175 meters above sea level. Apart from being a place of worship, this temple is also open to the public every day from 06.00-19.00 WITA with an entrance ticket cost of around IDR 50,000 per person.

Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang, Gianyar

Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang is located on Jalan Sahadewa, Gianyar Regency. This tourist attraction in the form of a canyon not only attracts the attention of domestic tourists, but also foreign tourists. To enjoy the beauty of Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang, you can visit every day from 08.00-17.00 WITA by paying an entrance ticket fee of around IDR 10,000 for domestic tourists.